Michel Tyabji

Award Winnin Audio Production, Post Production & Music.   

Re-recording & Dubbing mix. ADR, Dialog, Music, Sound Design, SFX.



PixelsEat Pray LoveThe Future PosterDalai Lama RenaissanceStarring Adam WestA Good Day to DieApart from that.Scouting Myself, mini series, Players TribuneYellow Card

Production Sound / Re-recording / Dubbing Mix:  Im in service of the story.  I go the extra ten miles.  Years from now, when I listen to my work I'll know I did everything I could to elevte the project.  From conception to final mix, I take care of all you hear - sound, music, sound design, mix.   


From Manuel Roman's "Anna's Murder".

                               Before ADR                                                                            After ADR


Dubbing:  Studio or Location dubbing services.  Specializing in English, Hindi and Swahili.


Sound Design:  We record most of our sounds ourselves.  We also use synthesizers and instruments and combine them to come up with interesting and original sound scapes.

Music: I nd have scored, arranged, produced and recorded for large Hollywood films, TV shows, commercials, industrials, video games and new media.  Our default choice is to use actual instruments but we have the best midi instruments available too.

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E mail: limitlessskyrecords@yahoo.com

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A few examples of our work:

Multiple award winning project "A Good Day to Die"

Re-recording mix, sound design, score, dialog editing, music editing.


Re-recording mix, sound design.

EMMY Nominated project!  Production sound, sound design, re-recording mix.


 Sound design, re-recording mix.

EMMY Nominated project!  Production sound, sound design, re-recording mix.



 Dialog editing, music editing, sound design, re-recording mixer.

Mini-series for the Players Tribune.  Production sound, sound design, re-recording mix.

Coming soon to a screen near you! "Divas of Karachi", mini-series, ITVS (Independent Lens)

Dialog editing, music editing, sound design, music, re-recording mix


"Anna's Murder" - A short by Manuel Roman.  Production sound, ADR, SFX, dialog editing, Re-recording mix.

"Jigden" - A short by Shenpenn Khysmhar.  Dialog editing, sound design, re-recording mix.

"The 60 Yard Line" - Feature film by Ryan Churchill.  Dialog editing, final audio output, Audio QC for international distribution.

"Jewels Catch One" - Feature documentary by C. Fitz.  Music, Re-recording mix.

Jigden, the first Tibetan gangster film! SFX, Sound Design, Re-recording mix.

Jigden Film Poster