Michel & Rosa Costanza Tyabji

Michel & Rosa Tyabji formed Limitless Sky Records as a means to present the music they love.  "We were sitting on a cliff edge in Katesh (Tanzania) with our mentor Geoffrey Clarfield.  Looking over the vast Rift Valley the three of us decided that we had to return to the USA and begin Limitless Sky Records.  We think fondly of our time in Tanzania and not a day goes by where we dream of going back.  The music we experienced there has shaped our lives and defined our personalities, the friends we made are close to our hearts always.  Tanzania is a heaven on Earth and we urge everyone to visit at least once!

Michel Tyabji

Michel Tyabji is a composer, performer & producer who has lived and performed in over half a dozen different countries, from England to Tanzania. He draws his experience and influences from India, Africa and Arabia together with his education in Western Classical music. Michel is also educated as an audio engineer and music producer. He is a sought after music producer for international artists within America.

Rosa Odett Costanza

Rosa Odette Costanza Tyabji is an accomplished artist and has hand painted most of the designs you see on our products.  She is also a lyricist and script writer.  In addition to producing music for Limitless Sky Records, Rosa & Michel Tyabji have worked as Producers for independent film and video. As professional Location Recordists/ Sound Mixers for film & network TV productions, as well as doing Sound Design and Audio Post Production from their studio, Rosa & Michel have a variety or projects that they are involved with. Rosa has worked as a sound mixer on feature length films, shorts, commercials, industrial shoots, music videos, and PSA's since 1996. She began in New York City and has worked in film productions on four continents: America, Europe, Africa and (most recently) Asia. See more about the film, video and TV productions that both Rosa & Michel Tyabji are involved with by going to the website - Sounds Ready Check it out!