The Maestro Ndala Kasheba lived for over 30 years of his life as a refugee. He fled Zaire for Tanzania in 1968. This song is dedicated to his children and to all the children of refugees worldwide.

Kasheba's intention is to raise awareness about the 42 million of us living as Refugees (UNHCR, 2008). This video and song is also a reminder that Kasheba's spirit and memory lives on...

The Refugees video was originally shot in our Dar es Salaam by Ranjiv Kapoor (2001).  We returned to the US a few weeks after shooting the video and the tapes were placed in our vault for later use.  A few years later we completed of the Refugees single and began petitioning  LA based film and music video makers if they would be interested.   Manny Marquez made the most interesting proposal.   To place the Dar es Salaam footage in the homeless tent city of Los Angeles, to illustrate that fellow humans can be made refugees even in Los Angeles.  How would he do this?  Simple!  Project the footage from a moving car onto the streets and tents and shoot the new images.

Simple indeed.

The resulting video is something which we have not seen before or since.  We are ever thankful to Manny & Leigh Marquez for making this video what it is.

-Michel & Rosa C. Tyabji