Consultant & Liaison Services

Our international background and experience places us in a unique position.  It allows us to easily gain understanding of your vision. It empowers us to communicate effectively between cultural and national divide so that the project exceeds expectation.

Admin & Management

Administration is one of the most important aspects of the entertainment industry.  Improper paperwork, rights and asset management will ensure a project comes to a grinding halt and perhaps even descend into litigation and debt.  It is also an aspect of our field which can seem a maddening mystery.  Rest assured, every project you do with us is safe and cared for.  Today's entertainment environment is a vast an complex cornucopia of mediums, languages and laws, with each territory requiring localized administration.  Our partners have offices in most countries and will be able to track your project and report back to us on all its activities.  They will also assist with the murky waters of royalty payments and with piracy issues.

We work with some of the industries finest organizations to make sure everything we, our partners & clients do is covered, world wide, across the universe and in perpetuity.

Administration Partners

First Frame Music Inc

Criterion Music Inc

Sony Pictures

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